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Established in 2006, Mallorca’s leading fully-licensed aviation centre is now offering a helicopter service in Ibiza. Using the four-seater Robinson R44 – the world’s most popular helicopter – our heli-sightseeing trips are the perfect way to view this stunning Island.

Our R44 can skim low over the turquoise waters of Formentera, soar high over the mystical 380m high island of Es Vedra, skirt the ‘beautiful people’ hangouts of Cala Jondal and Playa d’en Bossa, survey pretty inland countryside villages and circle Ibiza’s stunning Old Town – a fortified acropolis and UNESCO World Heritage site. You could also evaluate a piece of real estate you have your eye on and enlist the services of a professional photographer to capture the lie of the land.

Prices start from 575 euros (plus 21% IVA (VAT)) per flying hour - and that’s for the whole trip, not per person, regardless of whether one, two or three passengers are onboard. There is also an additional 200 euro charge to land at the private terminal at Ibiza Airport. Ad-hoc charter (such as hotel and restaurant transfers) are available where safe landing is possible, as are longer tours (sunrise to sunset only), training courses and gift vouchers.

Book now, Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the planet.

Mallorca Helicopter Charter

Operating out of Son Bonet, Palma’s private aerodrome, our comprehensive aviation centre offers training for fixed wing and helicopter private pilots licences, trial flying lessons, instrument appreciation courses and, of course, pleasure flights in our four-seat fixed-wing Cessna 172s and R44 helicopters.

Piloted by full-time professionals, our pleasure flights can take you to the postcard-perfect white sand beaches on Mallorca’s east coastline, look down on the peaks of the UNESCO-protected Tramuntana mountain range in the west or marvel at the wild Formentor peninsula in the north which rises 400m above sea level. Or perhaps you want to view your hotel from the air or simply peek at the many mansions owned by celebrities on this A-list Island.

If you want to treat yourself, your family, colleagues, or the one you love to a special sightseeing experience – where you will see a side of Mallorca you never knew existed – our fixed wing pleasure flights start from 130 euros (plus 21% IVA (VAT)) and helicopter from 287 euros (plus 21% IVA (VAT)) for a 30 minute tour. This figure includes landing charges and airport taxes at Son Bonet and is for the whole trip, not per person, regardless of whether one, two or three passengers are onboard.

Contact us now and we’ll show you the best of Mallorca from the air – or even train you to take the controls as a qualified pilot.

Private Jet Charter

If you want to cut down travel time, devise your own schedules and actually enjoy the flying experience free of interruptions and irritations, private jet charter is your solution. We have established relationships with leading private jet operators over the years and are happy to do the legwork and source and book your next private jet transfer – wherever you are in the world.

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